Who are the beef eaters in India?

More than 80 million people eat beef/buff in India, including 12.5 million Hindus

The lynching of a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh for allegedly storing and consuming beef a few weeks ago has sparked a heated debate about banning the meat. Predictably, battle lines have also been drawn around religious groups.

But data from the latest National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) round shows that around 80 million people—around 1 of every 13 Indians—eat beef or buffalo meat. That number is almost the same as Germany’s population and is spread across religions and states.

From Live Mint

Most of my ‘Hindu’ friends (even the Brahmin kind) eat beef. You might already know that I am a full-time atheist meat-eater. I think the right time has come to start doling out beef recipes (secret, favourite and from all communities) out here.