Celebrating brave women and alternative relationships

Most friends have shared, called, or sent a message to give me a virtual hug or a ‘Power to you, Sam’ affirmation. Jedi Faerie Queen Dinosaur Kitten Witch & More is a friend I have been meaning to dialogue with at length about marriage over spirits, smoke and good meat. She decided to get married and I decided not to. Both of us come from spaces of the exploratory poly-amorous and queer. But, what better way for writers to dialogue than through written words. Thanks G! Lots of love, as always.

Jedi Faerie Queen Dinosaur Kitten Witch

Recently a very brave friend of mine decided to have a baby. This in itself, is something that I think of as extremely brave. Taking responsibility for a new human life and all that. She did something else alongside which made this braver in my eyes. She and her partner decided not to get married, and not even to pretend like they were married.

And so this post is dedicated to her. And others like her who have decided to go against the tide of our increasingly intolerant society and create a family on their own terms and in ways which don’t conform with societal expectations.
They did what I couldn’t do for reasons of cowardice*, sentimentality and practicality.

This brave friend wrote a funny, intelligent and delightfully experiential account of her decision, some of its consequences, confusions and the rationale behind her decision. Her account was reprinted on Firstpost

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