conversations about what and what not to eat

Vegetarian: So why do you eat non-veg?
Me: I inherited my food. I am never going to quit meat.
Vegetarian: Don’t worry, I am not going to convert you.
Me: Please worry, I am a proud converter of veggies in to pure non-veggies.


“Two people ate a dog in my office. Dogs are eaten in Indonesia. They hadn’t eaten one ever since they moved here and it has been a long time. So they hunted down a street dog and ate it. My office fired them because it might affect the company’s reputation,” said V.


“Convert to a Hindu. Whatever festival it is, all you Christians eat are chicken and mutton. But in each Hindu festival we can eat something different. Koyakattai, paal payasam, ada pradhaman. The list is endless,” said P to his lover.
“You’re saying this as if you are going to cook for her. Or does it rain food like this during Hindu festivals?” I snapped back.
“Human beings biologically, naturally, are not, sorry, are carnivores,” said S to her lover.


to be continued…


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