Story telling with food as…

Making a meal, eating it, sharing it with others, or plain hunger are the first gestures of your desire to live. This is probably the basis of why food studies and critical eating studies look at the human body as ‘the site of social and political struggle’. A recipe, a cuisine, the kitchen becomes the story of a people, in fact their rich subtext.

As a writer, I search for places where subtext is in abundance, where the flow from thought to conversation to action is seamless and needs investigation to unravel.

A basic growing list of ideas:

Food as a story teller’s point of view
Food as inheritance, heritage and history
Food as the basis of survival and struggle
Food as choice and availability
Food as a gestural activity

The following short sketch ‘Dinner for One’ was watched over coffee time with a past-roommate. This is example number one of how food makes stories.


Chew on this

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